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Optical Mission Trip Report June 2012

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On June 28, 2012, opthamologist Dr. Jeffrey Zimm, traveled from Naples, FL to St. Pius X’s optical clinic in Kingston Jamaica with three assistants and one optician.

Over 180 patients were seen including 20 to 30 first to fifth graders from the DuPont elementary school at St. Pius. Thirty-nine cataracts (22 patients) were found. Twenty-eight patients were found to have a diagnosis of glaucoma or be a glaucoma suspect. Three patients require oculoplastic procedures. Three patients will need corneal surgery, four patients need a retina consultation and one 5-year-old requires pediatric surgery for a crossed eye.

The rest of the patients had “routine” or relatively normal eye exams, and 89 will be given corrective eyeglasses.

The eye clinic at St. Pius with its two examination rooms operated very efficiently and is well-equipped.    Dr. Zimm has been a loyal volunteer to Jamaica Outreach Program’s optical services and his contributions of time and talent each year are making a real difference in the lives of the poor.

Mission Trip Report May 2012

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A Jamaica Outreach Program (JOP) team of 14 volunteers headed by Al and Ann Kerns left for Jamaica on May 23, 2012.  The team included Dr. Kerns, several nurses, other volunteers and a group of students from Ohio.

Dr. Al Kerns reports that Dr. Lee Martin is facilitating the operation at the clinic in fine fashion.  196 physical exams were conducted for children entering DuPont School this fall. The mission trip volunteers also conducted an assessment of medicines needed in the dispensary.

In addition to conducting the physicals, the team was present for the dedication of the multi-purpose building constructed with JOP funds.  Vice-principals and students from the Dupont School and a representative from the Ministry of Education participated in the program. The ministry representative noted the progress of the students at Dupont and acknowledged that the science classroom in the new building was an added plus to the school.  The St. Pius X Scouts were present and are grateful for the meeting and equipment storage space that is part of the building.   Dr. Kerns spoke as the JOP representative and Father Charles Brown conducted a blessing of the building.
Jamaica Outreach Program is proud of these volunteers and the work they accomplished on this mission trip.  The JOP Board extended its thanks to the volunteers, all of whom paid their own expenses for this trip, and who have improved the lives of the poor in Jamaica.

Dental Mission March 2012

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First Jamaica Outreach Program Mission in New Dental Clinic, March 25 to March 29, 2012

Our dental team consisted of professionals from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  They proved to be a tremendous resource in getting our first mission in the new dental clinic into operation.   They came to us through the grace of God and a little networking on our part.  Each of them worked tirelessly day after day to get the job done and at the end of the third ten hour day, they were still smiling (although very tired) and enjoying every minute of their venture.  They worked through brownouts, faulting equipment, and never lost their enthusiasm.

Interaction with the local Jamaican residents was incredible and the warmth of the smiles combined with the gratitude of the patients made it a highly rewarding endeavor for our volunteers.

Our mission began with a dedication of the VanDomelen Family Dental Clinic, attended by many local parishioners, patients and the dental team.   This consisted of a blessing of the building and equipment and appropriate readings done by Father Thomas Dynetius.  The Archbishop of Kingston was present at our inaugural dental mission along with our friends and former St. Pius X pastors Father Burchell, Father Collin and Father Steve.
In all 114 patients were treated.  (91 full cleanings, 24 fillings, 29 extractions plus an innumerable number of consultations which resulted in referrals to oral surgeons etc.)   Many received free medications for infection and pain, all received dental kits consisting of brushes, paste and floss donated by the missionaries.   Unfortunately, many had to be referred to our next dental mission because of our inability to handle the need.   All in all, we were rewarded by many smiling faces leaving the clinic.

In addition to the actual treatments, Mary one of our hygienists conducted three educational sessions in the DuPont school auditorium consisting of basic introduction to dental hygiene to first, second and third graders respectively.  Approximately 420 students were involved and the sessions were very dynamic and extremely interactive.   Unfortunately her sessions revealed that about 7 out of every 10 children present had cavities which need to be dealt with.

To see photos from this successful mission, click this link.

We have three dentists and a few hygienists and assistants offering their services for future missions, but if any of you know of other dental professionals (family, friends and acquaintances) anywhere in the US who might be willing to give of their time and energy for this service, please refer them to me, Roger Plante, for follow-up.  Many will be needed to make future missions a success.  ( – 239-948-2145).

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