Sherman G.

Can you imagine being blind?  Actually, Sherman isn’t totally blind, but from birth, he has only been able to determine light from dark and general shapes and sizes.  He does very well with his limited abilities but he is far from independent, still living with his mother and step-father at age 31, with no personal income.

Dr. Jeffrey Zimm performed a corneal transplant on Sherman’s right eye on February 8, 2011, here in Naples.  Sherman was checked by Dr. Zimm’s associate during our recent JOP mission trip to St. Pius X in Kingston and was told his eye was doing fine. (Sight is not immediate after a corneal transplant.)  Dr. Zimm donated his surgical services and facilities, and JOP donors funded the cost of the corneal tissue.  As background, another young Jamaican man received a corneal transplant almost two years ago.  His eye was also checked on this past trip—20/30—almost perfect!

Sherman stayed with us during his week in Naples.  He’s a very quiet young man until it comes to music.  Sherman can sing like an angel!  He currently sings at church, for weddings and funerals, as well as performing at popular venues near his home in Clarendon, west of Kingston.  Sometimes he sings with a partner.  And he has a girlfriend, but he tells me he’s not quite ready to take the big step!

Sherman hopes that the gift of sight, even in only one eye, will help him to do more with his music, and to help others.  And he’d like to learn to drive!  He and his family are extremely grateful to JOP and St John the Evangelist optical donors for this life-changing gift of sight.

Article submitted by—Ann Kerns