Some time ago, a famous Elementary School Educator, was asked, “What is your favorite sound?” Without any hesitation she responded, “The glorious sound of children at play!”. Each day of the school week, and on Saturdays, you can hear a chorus of laughter, giggling, and boys and girls encouraging each other as they compete in friendly games and activities. The leader of this group and official “Pied Piper” of the Dupont Primary School is the Physical Education Teacher, Ricky M. A quiet, friendly, smiling, and unassuming gentleman who in his own right, a prominent athlete who excelled in Track and Field events in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean islands, and represented his country in the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid as a member of the Jamaican Bob-Sled Team.

Ricky is dedicated to involving every boy and girl in some form of physical activity and sport, while teaching them the tenets of good sportsmanship and discipline. The rules of his class are simple; no put-downs, no making fun of your teammates, no bullying, and no excuses. Many of his friends have asked him why he didn’t use his reputation as a athlete to gain a higher position in life; but Ricky’s answer has been, he is committed to getting every boy and girl off the streets and away from the drugs and violence that is so prevalent in and around the community of St. Pius and Dupont, and his love of teaching this age youngster.  His latest endeavor is forming a baseball team that has been equipped with funds from JOP, and the enthusiasm has been phenomenal.

Ricky has stated on more than one occasion how he is motivated and inspired to do his part in helping the young people of his community by the examples of generosity of the parishioners of St. John the Evangelist, and the dedication of the missionaries of the Jamaica Outreach Program.

Finally, Ricky has asked us to thank the people of St. John’s for their unwavering support and pledges to make the youth of St. Pius and Dupont good athletes and more importantly better young men and women.