St. Pius Fall 2019 Optical Mission

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To: JOP Board

Cc: Paul Connor, Amy Kuzma, Dr. Yan Jiang, Helen Fusco, Richard VanBuskirk, Dr Jeffrey Zimm, Alison Burberry, Carol Stadnyk

Re: Eye Mission trip to St Pius X November 2019

December 8, 2019

The eye care team was comprised of (front row) optometrist Dr. Yan Jiang (MA), Helen Fusco (OH), ), and Jeanne Stamant (FL). 2nd Row:  Paul Connor (OH), Richard VanBuskirk (FL), and Amy Kuzma (OH).

We arrived at St Pius clinic on Nov 19, conducted 3 clinic days Nov. 20-22 and departed November 23. We received outstanding support from our St Pius team members including Lesly-Ann Walker (full time parish secretary), Vivienne Bradford, Marie Mattai, Rosemarie Warren, Boxer McEwan, Paul Deacon our driver, and Deacon Vivian Blair.

The team delivered much needed eye care to the poor of Kingston, who expressed appreciation for our services. Below are the numbers, keeping in mind there was only one doctor (new to our facilities) and a small support team.

126 patients examined

122 pairs of eyeglasses to be made and shipped back to Jamaica

47 cataract suspects for potential future surgery (list of names sent to Dr. Zimm)

24 patients diagnosed with glaucoma and medicine dispensed (under supervision of Dr. Lee Martin).

11 walk-ins for eyeglasses repair or replacement

80 approximate number of patients given (over the counter) eye drops for dry eyes.

The remaining inventory of medicine was documented by Amy and will be sent to Dr. Zimm.  After recording statistics and patient counts, we filed all patient records each day and request that future eye mission teams do the same.  It is also important that all teams fill out the eyeglass lab order form completely, including patient telephone number for follow-up delivery of eyeglasses.

Amy has agreed to be the mission leader and administrator for future November mission trips, except for MOH registration which I will continue to shepherd, Thank You Amy!

Ms. Susan Smith is the new hostel manager at Immaculate and she was most gracious in taking care of our lodging needs and some meals. We have booked rooms for the November 3-7, 2020 trip to St. Pius X. The new elevator at Immaculate is a welcomed improvement to the hostel facilities.  There was no Wifi at St Pius but it was available at the hostel.

A list of supplies needed for future missions has been compiled and team members have been asked to add anything we may have missed.

Dr. Yan Jiang has emailed a follow up list of suggestions for future missions which I have passed on to Dr. Zimm.

Jamaica Outreach Program is blessed to have this dedicated team (most of whom return annually) delivering on our mission to help the poor in Jamaica.

Respectfully submitted, — Jeanne Stamant

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