Seaford Town Fall 2019 Dental/Medical Mission

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Report to:  Board of Directors

From:  Roger Plante

Jan. 12, 2020

Re:  Medical/Dental mission to Sacred Heart, Seaford Town Oct. 30,31 and Nov. 1, 2019

I am so happy to report that this mission was a huge success….thanks in great part to Dr. Joseph Vento, our new Medical Director and the fine team of professionals who helped to make this one of the best efforts of bringing God’s love to his impoverished community.

Missionaries included:

Dr. Joseph Vento, M.D. from NY and Estero, FL.

Loretta Vento, NY & Estero, FL

Ann Marie Bova, NP, Ph.D. Lake Worth, FL

Janyce Dyer, RN, NP, Ph.D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Nikea Neigher, DMD from Washington, D.C.

Timekee D. Battle, Ph. D., Washington, D.C.

Latonya Wright, RDH, Lexington, SC
Stacey Juste-Wilkins, RDH, Sanford, FL

Father Moris Achied, local pastor

Sister Telesia, RN, resident

Sister Monika, RN resident

The medical Team saw a total of 107 patients in their intense schedules and many of them presenting with multiple diagnoses and needs.   Truly, each patient is unfamiliar with medical treatment and needed an education.  Hopefully with time we will be able to deal with a more aware and educated population among the villagers.  In spite of the fact that everyone there spoke English, there is a dialect barrier and communication is difficult……..that compound with the lack of education on the part of many patients always presents complications.

The highest incidents we dealt with were malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes and social diseases for which ongoing treatment and education is required.   With very patient caregivers and with help from the two resident sisters/nurse, this can be achieved over time.

Sister Telesia wrote a beautiful comment: “I did feel the

working of the Holy Spirit through each of you and

especially you, Dr. Joe and Loretta.  Your hearts

reached out to everyone that turn up to you for your help

…… you are an angel to us.”

Another missionary wrote: “We were so well received by

all involved with the clinic.  It was humbling to see the

need in the community.  Yet, they remained warm and

welcoming.  I feel that I got more than I gave…I look

forward to the next mission.”

Regarding the dental team, it is estimated that they saw a total of about 95 patients.    Of that number, it is estimated from registration records that our hard-working hygienists performed 66 cleaning procedures.    That, leaving some 29 patients seen by the dentist, most of which required extractions.

Upcoming missions include:

Nov 16 Optical mission in Seaford Town   Nov 20 Optical mission in Kingston

We have multiple optical missions each year and are always looking for optometrists, opticians and related persons to staff those missions.

Dec. 2-3-4-5, 2019 a Dental only mission to St. Pius at which time 12 dental professionals will be caring for a full gamut of patients at the clinic and an outreach team will be working at the DuPont School presenting oral health classes, examining students teeth and applying a coat of fluoride varnish to about half of the student body there (total 1,350 students).  This team has a full complement of volunteers in place at this time.

Jan   30-31 Feb. 1 2020 Return to Seaford Town, Dr. Vento will be leading this group.  The medical team is fully in place as well as the dental team.   Afterthought:  This was originally scheduled to be a medical/dental team, but returning dentist Dr. Jay Jackson needed to cancel out due to a medical emergency in his family.  

March  23-24-25-26   2020 This will be a repeat of the Dec. 2,3,4,5 mission and Drs Casey Crafton, Pediatric dentist and his wife Dr. Lisa Grafton from  Md will be heading up this team and we are in need of an Oral surgeon plus a few RDH and Assistants to fill this team.

JOP is in need of a person to head up the dental mission team organization as Roger Plante will be retiring soon.     Interested persons may contact Roger at the address below.

Professional and lay Volunteers are always needed at all levels, as well as donations of supplies and money.   Each year we need just for our school outreach in Kingston

2,000 doses of fluoride varnish

2,000 children’s toothbrushes—-sample size paste—-dental floss

Plus we are always in need of all the supplies for our two clinics.    Dentists and Doctors finding themselves with an oversupply of equipment and supplies, please let us know….as we might be able to   use much of what you have to offer.

All inquiries should go to:

Roger Plante

Mission coordinator   401-769-7444

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