Oct 2018 Montego Bay Optical Mission

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October 23 – 31, 2018 Mission Trip to Montego Bay  Report to the JOP Board by Jeanne Stamant. Seaford Town optical mission October 23 – 26, 2018 Paul Connor, Dr. Tom Kelly and Peggy Johnson conducted an optical mission at Sacred Heart in Seaford Town with the assistance of two nurses: Sister Jhorna Gomes and Sister Teresila. Accommodations at “the doctors house” on the church property and food prepared by local volunteers were reportedly excellent. The team did 122 eye exams over 2-1/2 days and will return 77 eyeglasses to be made. Paul confirmed the autorefractor is damaged beyond repair and it had to be disposed of (likely the cause is inadequate and erratic electrical power supplied to the property). He does not recommend replacement of the unit because of the power situation. Going forward, visual acuity testing and the doctors retinoscopy equipment will suffice to obtain prescription data for eyeglasses.
Montego Bay inspection and audit On October 26 Ginny Lazar and I toured the Love in Action Soup Kitchen which is managed by two Korean sisters. Approximately 8 volunteers were preparing packaged hot food for distribution to inner-city homeless and homebound poor in Montego Bay later that afternoon. Ginny toured and inspected the Good Shepherd Medical and Dental clinics and the Cathedral while I was conducting the Montego Bay audit (see separate audit report). Earlier that day Bishop Burchell was part of the soup kitchen team preparing beef with gravy, corn, rice and vegetables. We were very impressed by the dedication of volunteers and organization of the soup kitchen and clinics; both very deserving of JOP’s funding. Bishop Burchell has agreed to come to Saint John the Evangelist December 1st and 2nd to preach at masses the weekend of our next JOP 2nd collection. Paul, Amy Ginny and I left Montego Bay on Sunday morning by bus to Kingston to prepare for the Saint Pius optical mission. Note for future Knutsford Express Bus travelers: the bus now stops at the airport before moving on to Kingston, (the more remote downtown Pier 1 bus station location leaves earlier).

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