Oct 2018 Kingston Optical Mission

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Eye Mission to Kingston, Jamaica Oct. 28- Nov 1, 2018 Jeanne Stamant’s report, 11-4-18. Team members included: Dr Dwight Avery, Dr Alanna Edwards, Paul Connor, Ashaunda Edwards, Amy Kuzma, Ginny Lazar, Helen Fusco and Jeanne Stamant.  Support from St Pius X for mission services included Vivienne Bradford, Novalee Mumby, Boxer McEwan and registration staff Beverly Peart, Marie Mattai and Rosemarie Warren. JOP is indebted to all team members for their tireless efforts to bring vision care to the poor, who would otherwise go without.  Many thanks and blessings from grateful patients were heard as well.
In 3 full clinic days we saw 209 patients: 181 people for general eye exams plus 28 cataract surgery follow ups. We will be making 171 prescription eyeglasses and there were another 42 jobs that were either repairs from walkin patients or single vision glasses made and delivered on-site by Paul.  Two cataract patients were referred immediately to Dr McIntosh in Jamaica, one of whom still had stitches from her April cataract surgery (Dr. Avery tried to pull them out with a borrowed scalpel from Dr Martin, but was unsuccessful with the tools at hand).The other cataract patient was in danger of losing her sight so she was treated hourly with drops until we could get her to Dr McIntosh who prescribed medication that we did not have in stock (and had no substitute for that prescription in our stock); JOP will pay for those meds. The Cataract follow-up assessments notes will be sent to Dr Zimm; it includes a prioritized list of 6 patients who need to see Dr McIntosh and these patients have been told that Dr McIntosh’s office will call them to schedule appointments and that Dr Zimm will notify Dr McIntosh that they are part of our cataract follow-up group needing his attention.   We developed a list of 26 new patients needing cataract surgery. There were also other special needs that were diagnosed including one pseudo-opkeia, 3 pterygiums, 6 retina issues, 3 Yag laser needs and 1 proliferative diabetic retinopathy. That list will be provided to Dr. Zimm for future action. We also dispensed medications (90-day supplies) for glaucoma to approximately 18 patients. In addition about 90 patients received “Tears”/drops for dry eyes.

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