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Seaford Town Fall 2019 Dental/Medical Mission

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Report to:  Board of Directors

From:  Roger Plante

Jan. 12, 2020

Re:  Medical/Dental mission to Sacred Heart, Seaford Town Oct. 30,31 and Nov. 1, 2019

I am so happy to report that this mission was a huge success….thanks in great part to Dr. Joseph Vento, our new Medical Director and the fine team of professionals who helped to make this one of the best efforts of bringing God’s love to his impoverished community.

Missionaries included:

Dr. Joseph Vento, M.D. from NY and Estero, FL.

Loretta Vento, NY & Estero, FL

Ann Marie Bova, NP, Ph.D. Lake Worth, FL

Janyce Dyer, RN, NP, Ph.D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Nikea Neigher, DMD from Washington, D.C.

Timekee D. Battle, Ph. D., Washington, D.C.

Latonya Wright, RDH, Lexington, SC
Stacey Juste-Wilkins, RDH, Sanford, FL

Father Moris Achied, local pastor

Sister Telesia, RN, resident

Sister Monika, RN resident

The medical Team saw a total of 107 patients in their intense schedules and many of them presenting with multiple diagnoses and needs.   Truly, each patient is unfamiliar with medical treatment and needed an education.  Hopefully with time we will be able to deal with a more aware and educated population among the villagers.  In spite of the fact that everyone there spoke English, there is a dialect barrier and communication is difficult……..that compound with the lack of education on the part of many patients always presents complications.

The highest incidents we dealt with were malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes and social diseases for which ongoing treatment and education is required.   With very patient caregivers and with help from the two resident sisters/nurse, this can be achieved over time.

Sister Telesia wrote a beautiful comment: “I did feel the

working of the Holy Spirit through each of you and

especially you, Dr. Joe and Loretta.  Your hearts

reached out to everyone that turn up to you for your help

…… you are an angel to us.”

Another missionary wrote: “We were so well received by

all involved with the clinic.  It was humbling to see the

need in the community.  Yet, they remained warm and

welcoming.  I feel that I got more than I gave…I look

forward to the next mission.”

Regarding the dental team, it is estimated that they saw a total of about 95 patients.    Of that number, it is estimated from registration records that our hard-working hygienists performed 66 cleaning procedures.    That, leaving some 29 patients seen by the dentist, most of which required extractions.

Upcoming missions include:

Nov 16 Optical mission in Seaford Town   Nov 20 Optical mission in Kingston

We have multiple optical missions each year and are always looking for optometrists, opticians and related persons to staff those missions.

Dec. 2-3-4-5, 2019 a Dental only mission to St. Pius at which time 12 dental professionals will be caring for a full gamut of patients at the clinic and an outreach team will be working at the DuPont School presenting oral health classes, examining students teeth and applying a coat of fluoride varnish to about half of the student body there (total 1,350 students).  This team has a full complement of volunteers in place at this time.

Jan   30-31 Feb. 1 2020 Return to Seaford Town, Dr. Vento will be leading this group.  The medical team is fully in place as well as the dental team.   Afterthought:  This was originally scheduled to be a medical/dental team, but returning dentist Dr. Jay Jackson needed to cancel out due to a medical emergency in his family.  

March  23-24-25-26   2020 This will be a repeat of the Dec. 2,3,4,5 mission and Drs Casey Crafton, Pediatric dentist and his wife Dr. Lisa Grafton from  Md will be heading up this team and we are in need of an Oral surgeon plus a few RDH and Assistants to fill this team.

JOP is in need of a person to head up the dental mission team organization as Roger Plante will be retiring soon.     Interested persons may contact Roger at the address below.

Professional and lay Volunteers are always needed at all levels, as well as donations of supplies and money.   Each year we need just for our school outreach in Kingston

2,000 doses of fluoride varnish

2,000 children’s toothbrushes—-sample size paste—-dental floss

Plus we are always in need of all the supplies for our two clinics.    Dentists and Doctors finding themselves with an oversupply of equipment and supplies, please let us know….as we might be able to   use much of what you have to offer.

All inquiries should go to:

Roger Plante

Mission coordinator   401-769-7444

St. Pius Fall 2019 Optical Mission

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To: JOP Board

Cc: Paul Connor, Amy Kuzma, Dr. Yan Jiang, Helen Fusco, Richard VanBuskirk, Dr Jeffrey Zimm, Alison Burberry, Carol Stadnyk

Re: Eye Mission trip to St Pius X November 2019

December 8, 2019

The eye care team was comprised of (front row) optometrist Dr. Yan Jiang (MA), Helen Fusco (OH), ), and Jeanne Stamant (FL). 2nd Row:  Paul Connor (OH), Richard VanBuskirk (FL), and Amy Kuzma (OH).

We arrived at St Pius clinic on Nov 19, conducted 3 clinic days Nov. 20-22 and departed November 23. We received outstanding support from our St Pius team members including Lesly-Ann Walker (full time parish secretary), Vivienne Bradford, Marie Mattai, Rosemarie Warren, Boxer McEwan, Paul Deacon our driver, and Deacon Vivian Blair.

The team delivered much needed eye care to the poor of Kingston, who expressed appreciation for our services. Below are the numbers, keeping in mind there was only one doctor (new to our facilities) and a small support team.

126 patients examined

122 pairs of eyeglasses to be made and shipped back to Jamaica

47 cataract suspects for potential future surgery (list of names sent to Dr. Zimm)

24 patients diagnosed with glaucoma and medicine dispensed (under supervision of Dr. Lee Martin).

11 walk-ins for eyeglasses repair or replacement

80 approximate number of patients given (over the counter) eye drops for dry eyes.

The remaining inventory of medicine was documented by Amy and will be sent to Dr. Zimm.  After recording statistics and patient counts, we filed all patient records each day and request that future eye mission teams do the same.  It is also important that all teams fill out the eyeglass lab order form completely, including patient telephone number for follow-up delivery of eyeglasses.

Amy has agreed to be the mission leader and administrator for future November mission trips, except for MOH registration which I will continue to shepherd, Thank You Amy!

Ms. Susan Smith is the new hostel manager at Immaculate and she was most gracious in taking care of our lodging needs and some meals. We have booked rooms for the November 3-7, 2020 trip to St. Pius X. The new elevator at Immaculate is a welcomed improvement to the hostel facilities.  There was no Wifi at St Pius but it was available at the hostel.

A list of supplies needed for future missions has been compiled and team members have been asked to add anything we may have missed.

Dr. Yan Jiang has emailed a follow up list of suggestions for future missions which I have passed on to Dr. Zimm.

Jamaica Outreach Program is blessed to have this dedicated team (most of whom return annually) delivering on our mission to help the poor in Jamaica.

Respectfully submitted, — Jeanne Stamant

Seaford Town Fall 2019 Optical Mission

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        Greetings everyone, the optical mission to Seaford Town began with the following team members flying into Montego Bay airport on Wednesday November 13, 2019. They are, Peggy Johnson, licensed optician from Northern. Kentucky, also a returning 5-time veteran. Tom Kelly licensed optometrist from Bay Village North Central Ohio, also a returning 5-time veteran. Mr. Richard Van Buskirk, licensed optician, founder of the JOP optical program and an easy 20 year returning veteran. Paul J Connor licensed optician from Akron in Northeast Ohio, also a returning 16-year veteran.

          We all arrived In the afternoon and were picked up by Fr.Achid Morris, and Sr. Monika. We drove to Seaford town in the pouring rain.  Upon arrival, we had dinner then went to the clinic, to set up for accepting patients Thursday morning. We found the exam equipment to be in amazingly good condition. The auto refractor arrived from Ohio in good shape along with 250 frames. The frame dispensary was set up in the patient exam room. The auto refractor was set up in rear all-purpose utility room and the acuity chart was set up in the rear connecting room. The patient exam room remained the same as last year.  The flow began at 09:30 with all incoming patient’s being greeted by Sr. Telesia, who held a morning devotional, in a purple canopied tent outside the clinic. The patients were tightly controlled as to how many could enter the clinic at a time. The next person the patients met was a very organized and competent receptionist named Dawnette Kamika. She checked in the patient, confirmed their reservation, retrieved old and or started new patient records. A quiet unassuming individual, she was cheerful and very helpful at all times. An average of no more than 8 to 10 people were allowed into the waiting room at any given time. When a patient was called, they would be ushered to the auto refracting station by Sr. Monika. Peggy who served the morning shift would perform this initial pretest. From there, Sr Monika would perform the visual acuity test, then seat them in the waiting area to see the optometrist. Dr. Kelly would take them in turn and provide a comprehensive eye exam. Upon completion, they would be ushered to the frame room.  There, Richard would help them select an appropriate frame, take all the required measurements, then place the selected frame into the box for shipment to the lab. (NOTE: After lunch each day, they should switch positions so that Peggy worked the frame room and Richard ran the auto refractor.) The patient was sent to checkout with Dawnette, where the records were turned in for filing. This system went very smoothly, no outbreaks of complaints occurred. It was an amazingly smooth operation. The final figures are. 126 exams, 89 glasses prescribed and selected. 25. Readers dispensed. 

       Sr.Telesia, and Sr. Monika, and Fr. Morris were outstanding hosts. We stayed in the residence next to the convent. Jenny cooked our lunches and dinners, while we provided our own breakfast. Clinic hours ran from 9:00 am until 5 :00 PM. It rained every afternoon which did not affect our zeal. The mission concluded on Saturday evening about 7:00 PM. All scheduled patients were seen. On Sunday morning the team was treated to breakfast by the sisters, then went to 11:30 Mass. After Mass, Fr. Morris drove the team to the Holiday Inn for a day and a half of relaxation.

Observations, no more than four individuals are needed for an optical mission. Three is a minimum. The hours of 9 to 5 with a lunch break is perfect.

Respectfully submitted

Paul J Connor

Mission leader

October 23 – 31, 2018 Mission Trip to Montego Bay

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Seaford Town optical mission October 23 – 26, 2018

Paul Connor, Dr. Tom Kelly and Peggy Johnson conducted an optical mission at Sacred Heart in Seaford Town with the assistance of two local nurses: Sister Jhorna Gomes and Sister Teresila. Accommodations at “the doctors house” on the church property and food prepared by local volunteers were reportedly excellent. The team did 122 eye exams over 2-1/2 days and will return 77 eyeglasses to be made. Paul confirmed the autorefractor is damaged beyond repair and it had to be disposed of (likely the cause is inadequate and erratic electrical power supplied to the property). Going forward, visual acuity testing and the doctor’s retinoscopy equipment will suffice to obtain prescription data for eyeglasses.

Montego Bay inspection and audit

On October 26 Ginny Lazar and I toured the Love in Action Soup Kitchen which is managed by two Korean sisters. Approximately 8 volunteers were preparing packaged hot food for distribution to inner-city homeless and homebound poor in Montego Bay later that afternoon. Ginny toured and inspected the Good Shepherd Medical and Dental clinics and the Cathedral while Jeanne Stamant was conducting the Montego Bay audit. Earlier that day Bishop Burchell was part of the soup kitchen team preparing beef with gravy, corn, rice and vegetables. We were very impressed by the dedication of volunteers and organization of the soup kitchen and clinics; both very deserving of JOP’s funding.

Eye Mission to Kingston, Jamaica Oct. 28- Nov 1, 2018

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​Team members included: Dr Dwight Avery, Dr Alanna Edwards, Paul Connor, Ashaunda Edwards, Amy Kuzma, Ginny Lazar, Helen Fusco and Jeanne Stamant.  Support from St Pius X for mission services included Vivienne Bradford, Novalee Mumby, Boxer McEwan and registration staff Beverly Peart, Marie Mattai and Rosemarie Warren. JOP is indebted to all team members for their tireless efforts to bring vision care to the poor, who would otherwise go without.  Many thanks and blessings from grateful patients were heard as well.

In 3 full clinic days we saw 209 patients: 181 people for general eye exams plus 28 cataract surgery follow ups. We will be making 171 prescription eyeglasses and there were another 42 jobs that were either repairs from walk-in patients or single vision glasses made and delivered on-site by Paul.

We developed a list of 26 new patients needing cataract surgery. There were also other special needs that were diagnosed including one pseudo-opkeia, 3 pterygiums, 6 retina issues, 3 Yag laser needs and 1 proliferative diabetic retinopathy. We also dispensed medications for glaucoma to approximately 18 patients. In addition about 90 patients received “Tears”/drops for dry eyes.

Aug 2018 Seaford Town Dental Mission

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To: Board of Directors and interested parties
From: Roger Plante
Re: August 30 mission to Seaford Town Mission Compound
September 12, 2018
“RAVING REVIEWS” I guess is the best way I can describe this mission.

A team of six dental professionals participated in this three day mission and God’s Speed was definitely with them.   All came away from the mission with LOVE and GRATITUDE as expressed in their comments.

Dr. Jaih Jackson, Tampa, FL (repeat)
Julie Angad, Tampa, FL Dr. Jaih’s assistant
Trina Graham, Tega Cay, S. C., Hygienist, (repeat)
Margaret Conrad, Sautee, GA, Hygienist
Maria Maldonad, Coconut Creek, FL., Hygienist
Destany Scates, Tampa, FL, Hygienist
The Jamaican Ground Crew consisting of Father
Luke, Sister Theresila, Boxer and other
parishioners at Sacred Heart completed the team.

Of worthy mention is the fact that these missionaries in addition to giving of their time, energy and financial resources, organized ahead of time to collect and bring in thousands of dollars worth of goods for the clinic and for the poor and for that Father Luke extends his huge amount of appreciation.

Great innovations at the mission included an additional dental station paid for in memory of Trudy Howell, deceased mother of Dr. Elizabeth Love, two additional Cavitron units donated by these missionaries, air conditioning in the clinic and in the Doctor’s House.

Sister Theresila reported that Dr. Jaih performed 54 extractions and installed 14 fillings and the Hygienists performed 76 complete cleanings and in addition dozens of other patients were seen and treated for various conditions.

Unfortunately the new X-Ray equipment was not performing for the team, but hopefully it will be in better order for the next mission.

Sad to say, but this is my last mission organization with Jamaica Outreach and the future of the mission movement will be highly dependent on someone coming forth to do some organization.

I have enjoyed the last 11 years doing this job and I can say it has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling achievements of my lifetime. I strongly urge anyone who wants to give a little to come forward and participate in any level in this mission movement.   Anyone interested in giving some time and LOVE to contact me.

In the meantime, I am keeping a list of those wanting to participate in future missions and will keep my mailing list going until the next volunteer comes forward.

Here are some of the comments from this fine group of missionaries:

“The entire experience was absolutely amazing”

“The accommodations were much better than expected”

“Father could not do enough for us”

“Boxer is one amazing guy-entertainer-go-for-Helper”

“All in all, I am beyond grateful and honored I got to be a part of this mission and hope to be able to serve in many many more.!”

“Almost all older adults were periodontally involved and our attempt to educate them were a challenge, but we did get through with the idea that continued care is necessary.”

“The Air conditioning in the clinic and the doctor’s house was a great addition.”   “Our team was extremely devoted, we enjoyed our time together, lots of laughter and with a true passion to serve…..working as a tem…I truly want to return.”

“What a blessing to work with such wonderful people and for such amazing patients…Fr. Luke & Sister T made us feel right at home”

“Even when the power went out on Saturday  the team continued working manually as if nothing had happened.”

“And Jenny’s home cooking was wonderful”

Pass the word along that Jamaica Outreach Program is doing God’s work one little one at a time.



April 2018 Dental Mission

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REPORT TO:     BOARD OF DIRECTORS & other interested parties
Re: Mission to St. Pius—Kingston, Jamaica April 23-24-25
From: Roger Plante

This mission was completed on schedule as planned and the missionaries came from various parts of the US to care for patients at the Van Domelen clinic and for the children at St. Peter Claver School.   In addition to working in the clinic and school program, many members of the team visited White Wing Village and were moved by the level of poverty.   They also visited the Mustard Seed facility and observed great care to the residents from their providers. 

As is so often the case with mission work, all was not perfect….and thanks to the experienced, versatile and dedicated missionaries, the issues were surmounted and dealt with.

The team worked long hours, especially on Monday and Tuesday, but they persisted.

This fine team of dental folks included veteran mission team leader Michele LaBasi, RDH from Ohio assisted by the following:
Dr. Kim Burford, Dixon, CA (returning)
Dr. Illeana Ramundo-Townsend, Pembroke Pines, FL (returning)
Mary Rebman, RDH Mt. Sterling, IL
Brittany Collinsworth, RDH Nashville, TN
Felicia Williams, RDH, Atlanta, GA
Ann Weierback, RDH, Denver, CO
Karen Decristofaro, Dental Assistant, Boston, MA (returning)
Sherilyn Glanville, Dental Assistant, Atlanta, GA
Minah Theophilus, Dental Assistant, Fairfield, CA
Zuleika Sanchez, Dental Assistant, San Francisco, CA

We were additionally blessed at this mission to have two students from the College of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Technology, in Kingston participating. Both are near graduation and brought with them hundreds of hours of clinical experience, and they were a tremendous help to the team. This is a relationship I have been working on for quite some time and hopefully something can be developed in the future to foster our mission movement.   The two students are: Ruth-Anne Leveridge and Ajani Blake. We thank them wholeheartedly for their devotion and wish them well with their careers. Hopefully they will return in the not too distant future.

In total, 23 class groups were seen at the St. Peter Claver School.    Anne Weierback, RDH led the team on the first day and Mary Rebman, RDH, Brittani Collinsworth, RDH, Felicia Williams, RDH and Sherilyn Glanville, DA rotated through the three days to educate, screen, and provide a fluoride varnish treatment to 731 children.   All students were given oral health education, received a treatment of fluoride varnish, were examined for dental deficiencies, and handed a “goodie-bag” with tooth brush, paste, floss and a toy.

At the clinic, 119 patients were seen which involved the following number of procedures:
dental hygiene treatments – 57,
sealants – 6,
fillings – 32,
extractions – 39

The numbers are low in comparison to prior missions due to the problems with power coming in to the X-Ray equipment and an overheating problem with some of the equipment….both of which need to be corrected.    As a consequence, some patients needed to be turned away in spite of the additional hours of work provided by the dedicated missionaries.

Michele commented: I’m very proud of the team and how they worked hard to provide the best treatment possible for a population who otherwise would not have had the access or means to receive dental care. They demonstrated flexibility and a spirit of cooperation under tough circumstances. I applaud them for their sacrifice and willingness to serve.


Three of our missionaries (Mary, Brittani and Anne) had the opportunity to visit the Hope Clinic in Montego Bay. They were also able to mingle with locals through the generosity of Deacon Baldwin Powell and the staff of the clinic.

Comments received from missionaries:

 All the patients were VERY thankful we came and I had a few tell me stories of how they have really learned to take care of their oral health better. One lady used to have severe bleeding gums and bone loss. She was able to save her teeth through the efforts of the clinic and her being compliant with home care.

 Some people would wait several hours to be seen but they stayed because they knew there wasn’t another option. I’m thankful we were able to provide wonderful services. Many of the patients were also attending for the first time.

 I love being able to work with the local dental students. They were a great resource to connect the patients to a place that could provide care for a cheaper rate.


Link to PDF



Feb 2018 Seaford Town Mission

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Report   to:  Board of Directors, Jamaica Outreach Program

 From:  Roger Plante

 Re:  February 22-23-24, 2018 mission to Sacred Heart Mission, Seaford Town, JA

 March 8, 2018

 This report is all about the fourth mission we conduct to Seaford Town and as a result of the hard-working and devoted missionaries, more than 300   patients were treated to a good dose of tender loving care.

 This mission team consisted of:  (R indicates returning missionary)

Dr. Mary MacKay, Lubec, Me, dentist (R)

Raysa Hache, Miami, ER Physician(R)

Dr. Philip Baier, Estero, FL. Optometrist (R)

Nancy Curti, LPN, Naples, FL

Shelica Anastari, Med Student, B. Raton, FL (R)

Veronica Mills, expanded RDH, Antioch, TN

Ashley Richardson, RDH, Antioch, TN

Paulette Johnson, Dental Asst., Ft Laud., FL (R)

Paul Curti, Trained Optical Assistant.

he team worked very long hours in the unusually hot weather to spread God’s love to those in need.

The following results were achieved:

Medical:   99 Patients seen   over ¼ of them for Blood Pressure issues and over 10 % for Blood Sugar situations.   Many children were seen for various infectious conditions and there were many patients treated for skin issues, chest pain, various respiratory problems and infections.   Unfortunately, the order of supplies we had placed with our supplier in Jamaica was only partially filled and delivered at last minute.  It was very frustrating not having all the proper meds to treat so many who came in seeking our help.   This is an on-going problem which will need to be addressed.

Optical:  Dr. Phil saw 148 patients 69   pairs of prescription eye glasses were fitted and are on their way to Paul Connor in Ohio to be fabricated.   Additionally, readers were given out to dozens of patients from our existing supply.   Many patients were diagnosed with cataract situations, glaucoma and other serious optical situations. Which unfortunately we are not equipped to treat at that location

Dental: Our returning dentist Dr. Mary was very busy working with our portable dental equipment and she along with her assistant Paulette performed 35 extractions and 14 fillings plus many other treatments…..some patients had to be turned away due to the lack of a working X-Ray facility which we hope to have operative in time for the next mission, but mostly for lack of time in the day to take care of them.  Our two RDH, sharing one chair were able to perform cleanings for 52 patients.

Purchase and installation of a third and permanent dental station had been approved by the board, but that has been put on hold until several scenarios play themselves out.   This would be (in addition to the two “souped up” portable units we are now using.  This would allow us to have two dentists working at one time in an effort to make a more significant dent in the huge dental issues that exist at Seaford Town.

One missionary posted on Facebook:  We had a great team this trip and made amazing things happen….These people are very poor and they try to make a living by selling things they have made. Many live the Rastafarian lifestyle and I have learned a lot about the culture this week…….It literally broke my heart to turn patients away that wanted to get their teeth cleaned, we ran out of time and could’ve stayed there for weeks!        ………..Not only did the people appreciate us being there providing vision, dental and medical care and giving so much love to them. This was just as much for me as it was for them.

At present, we have a mission organized for St. Pius in Kingston for April 23-24-25 led by veteran mission leader Michele LaBasi (RDH from Akron Ohio).  They will treat the students at St. Peter Claver School plus a full roster of patient appointments at the VanDomelen Clinic.   Further, we had a dental team of 5 dental persons organized for June 21-22-23. 2018 for Seaford Town, however that has to be put on “hold” as Father Luke will be away at that time.   Hopefully this can be rescheduled.  When we reorganize that group, it would be nice to have some medical folks to join them.

Link to PDF

Feb 2018 Dental Mission

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Report to:  Board of Directors & other interested parties

RE:  February 5, 6, 7, 2018 mission to St. Pius mission campus, Kingston JA.

From: Roger Plante

Date 3/7/18

First of all, sorry for the delay……..have had a mission to Seaford Town last week and planning another to Kingston in April…..all coupled with a fund raising concert next week.

This mission was comprised of 9 U.S. Air Force volunteers and one from the navy.

The participants were:


Caroline Bunce, Team leader, RDH, Charleston, SC.

Dr. Jeffrey Yee         Dentist, Charleston, SC

Dr. Iti   Agarwal  (Yee) Dentist, Charleston, SC

Latasha Turner   RDH         Miami, FL

Angelica Chica        RDH Miami, FL

Patrick Miller, RDH, Charleston, SC

Kayla Ferguson, Assistant, Summerville, SC

Kathy Dietrich,          Assistant, Charleston, SC

Onise Civil    Assistant, Dover, DE

Robert Donnelly, Assistant, (US Navy)   Charleston, SC

The VanDomelen Clinic was host to this wonderful group of military personnel on February 5, 6 & 7, 2018.

The team worked very hard often into the wee evening hours to get the job done and they conducted a fabulous mission in spite of a few equipment slowdowns and other obstacles they dealt with

Following is a total of their numeric accomplishments:

Clinic              Extractions    Fillings           Cleanings     DuPont School

150+               58                    30                    79                    1,330

Per team leader Caroline’s comments

“I have to brag that each member of the team was enthusiastic, patient focused and a team player.”

The St. Pius ground crew consisting of Marie, Boxer and Rosemarie were so helpful and per Caroline, their attitudes made it so pleasant to work with them.   The balance of the St. Pius team, Deacon Vivian, Miss Vivienne Bradford were again a tremendous help to the missionaries.

The idea of having Marie as the liaison to St. Pius (with her daughter’s help) was an excellent one and I understand she rolled up her sleeves and participated in the daily operations as did Boxer in his usual manner.   Caroline’s comments about Marie read: “do not let Marie or her daughter leave your program”

Team member Patrick Miller, Hygienist who worked much of the time with the children at the DuPont School commented:

“The work and services we provided gave me a sense of pride, yet humble at the same time…..Seeing the living and housing conditions  definitely helped provide a perspective on how important these missions are and the great impact they have  the children of the school and community.” “(The mission)”

At present, we are doing the final organization of our April 23-24 and 25 mission to Kingston and that team led by veteran mission Team Leader Michele LaBasi is complete.

We have a team of dental volunteers working on a June mission to Seaford Town and would welcome medical personnel to join them.

Link to PDF

Oct-Nov Optical Mission

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Jeanne’s report on St Pius X Optical mission Oct 31 to Nov 5, 2017

192 eye exams were administered

163 pairs of eyeglasses have been, or will be, made (22 were made on-site).

22 cataract patients are ready for surgery and many others were diagnosed to be ready in 1 to 2 years. List sent to Dr Zimm.

Our team of Peggy Johnson (KY), Paul Connor (OH), Jeanne Stamant (FL), Dr. Tom Kelly (OH) and Amy Kuzma (OH) are seasoned repeat missionaries and the work flowed smoothly. St. Pius’ Novalee, Tanicia, Peta Gaye, Marie, Jodi & Boxer were outstanding additions to our team. Novalee is an action-oriented secretary and we were well served by her speedy and knowledgeable service. It was a nice touch for Mrs. Veta Lawson (St. Pius X Pastoral Team) to check on us daily and for Miss Bradford’s regular presence and upbeat disposition.

We should continue to bring sunglasses and give them away for free.

Glaucoma meds were limited initially, until Saturday, when Dr. Lee Martin delivered glaucoma meds that JOP had ordered as part of recent medicine grants. Next time we need to look for those before the optical clinic opens.

We could use more plastic frames especially those big enough for bifocals. There is an abundance of metal frames stored in the clinic closet. We can use more higher power reading glasses.

Link to PDF

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