Mission Trip Report November 2013

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Oct 30 – Nov 4, 2013 Eye Care Mission Trip Report

220     Exams completed

200     Pairs eyeglasses to be made by Wandering Eyes/ Paul Connor in OH

  27    Repairs of eyeglasses.  Both edgers were broken, so glasses could not be made on site  this trip.  Paul will repair one with new parts. Some patients’ frames were so badly        damaged Paul manually cut or shaved their old lenses to fit in a new frame.

  26    Cataracts diagnosed (27 eyes); list and patient records delivered to Dr Zimm .

  25    Cataract patients from prior missions researched for tel and address info.  List and patient records delivered to Dr Zimm (JOP’s Vision Care Coordinator).

  21    Glaucoma patients given meds

    4    Special surgeries- list and patient records delivered to Dr Zimm. One young           woman will have her 5-yr-old child taken away due to inability to properly care for him with her impaired vision.

    1    YAG patient record delivered to Dr Zimm.

Saturday evening dinner was hosted at the home of Mrs Shirley S. and arranged by Kevin W. and the Friends of Pius. It was a nice evening of excellent food, comraderie and singing; and was attended by Fr Thomas as well.

Fr. Thomas greeted all missionaries in the clinic and had them randomly pick from a can of slips of paper which had a quote from the Bible each day (nice touch).

New procedure for appointments was applauded by all returning missionaries. Ms B had made specific appointment times for each patient weeks in advance of our arrival. This avoided huge crowds at the gate at 5:00 a.m. waiting all day in hopes of getting in to see the doctor. It was a much calmer and less chaotic environment; with better workflow.  Patients liked the fact that they did not have to arrive so early to get a number.  Some very high blood pressures were referred to Dr Lee Martin.

Our new missionaries (one Naples optometrist Dr. Philip B. and one OH optometrist Dr. Tom K. and Beth U. of Ft Myers) were all favorably moved by the experience and indicated a willingness to do it again in the future.

 The St Pius grounds and facilities were clean and tidy. Additional chairs were placed at the ends of each pew Sunday to accommodate the standing-room-only crowd.  The St Pius Youth Choir and the children of DuPont School combined voices for the inspirational music liturgy.

One returning missionary said it was the best mission trip she’s had (among at least 5 trips)… and that sums up the positive feedback received from the entire team.



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