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March 2017 Food Drive

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What we do in His Name is always an Inspiration to others

The annual J.O.P. Food Drive at St John the Evangelist church in Naples, Florida, on the weekend of March 4-5, 2017,  supported our ministry in Jamaica with enthusiasm and lots of food donations. An ocean bound container left the parish grounds on May 6th with six hundred labeled cartons of food and goods. Over five hundred of those were cartons of food. Among them were 129 cartons of cereal, 106 cartons of pasta, 97 cartons of canned vegetables, and 34 cartons of rice. Each carton of rice contained approximately 35 lbs of rice packages.  Additional cartons contained soup, flour, oatmeal, canned fruit, beans, juice, and shelled nuts. Not all cartons listed on the manifest contained food. Donated optical and dental supplies, handmade clothing, text books, and a carton of handmade toys made by a wood craft club in Naples, were also entered on the container’s manifest.

In the name of those Jamaicans who will receive the food and goods collected, we extend sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the Food Drive.  What we do in His name is always an inspiration to others to do the same.

Jammin’ for Jamaica Festival Feb. 2014

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The Jammin’ for Jamaica Festival held February 7 was a great success.  Fun and joy were reflected on the faces of attendees as they enjoyed  fine food and drink and got great deals in the Treasure Chest, Silent and Live Auctions. Cappelli’s Catering served the delicious main entree to175 people in 25 minutes!

Volunteers from Kohl’s Department Store in Naples contributed time and talent which will result in a $500 grant to JOP for education programs. Melody Merrymaker the clown made balloon hats and painted faces adding another element of fun to the casual and festive evening. Attendees danced the night away to the happy sounds of DJ Bob Cox.

Thanks to all the committee members, volunteers, donors and participants who made this a memorable evening to benefit JOP.  It was a barrel of fun and raised  $12,000 for the poor in Jamaica.

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Choir Visits Naples, Feb. 2014

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The weekend of February 7-9, 2014, was special in many ways.  A Jamaican choir under the direction of Kevin Williams graced the liturgies at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples, FL with beautiful voices and hymns. That weekend a special collection was taken up in the church to support our sister parish St. Pius X, the medical, dental and optical clinics at St. Pius X as well as education programs there and elsewhere in Jamaica. We extend heartfelt thanks for your support and loyalty to our mission to help the poor in Jamaica.

Hosting the choir for three days in private homes involved a concerted effort on the part of many.  Hosting involves chauffeuring, lodging, feeding, and providing a home away from home to a choir that gives its all with cheer and good will.   The fact that those amenities are extended by our hosts to people they have never met says a lot about our parish. Inviting perfect strangers into your homes takes a leap of faith and a special kind of courage; they delivered both with grace and style.

Other groups and families “hosted the hosts” and their Jamaican guests for their evening meals throughout the weekend.   It was a great service to many by a very special few.

We told our Jamaican guests that they were missionaries to Naples.  As they shared their energy, time, and talent on behalf of their fellow Jamaicans, they renewed our own energy, time, and talents on behalf of the very same people.

And aren’t we all lucky to have someone like Kevin Williams befriending our cause? What a great ambassador he is for Jamaica’s poor!
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