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Paul Connor

Seaford Town Fall 2019 Optical Mission

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        Greetings everyone, the optical mission to Seaford Town began with the following team members flying into Montego Bay airport on Wednesday November 13, 2019. They are, Peggy Johnson, licensed optician from Northern. Kentucky, also a returning 5-time veteran. Tom Kelly licensed optometrist from Bay Village North Central Ohio, also a returning 5-time veteran. Mr. Richard Van Buskirk, licensed optician, founder of the JOP optical program and an easy 20 year returning veteran. Paul J Connor licensed optician from Akron in Northeast Ohio, also a returning 16-year veteran.

          We all arrived In the afternoon and were picked up by Fr.Achid Morris, and Sr. Monika. We drove to Seaford town in the pouring rain.  Upon arrival, we had dinner then went to the clinic, to set up for accepting patients Thursday morning. We found the exam equipment to be in amazingly good condition. The auto refractor arrived from Ohio in good shape along with 250 frames. The frame dispensary was set up in the patient exam room. The auto refractor was set up in rear all-purpose utility room and the acuity chart was set up in the rear connecting room. The patient exam room remained the same as last year.  The flow began at 09:30 with all incoming patient’s being greeted by Sr. Telesia, who held a morning devotional, in a purple canopied tent outside the clinic. The patients were tightly controlled as to how many could enter the clinic at a time. The next person the patients met was a very organized and competent receptionist named Dawnette Kamika. She checked in the patient, confirmed their reservation, retrieved old and or started new patient records. A quiet unassuming individual, she was cheerful and very helpful at all times. An average of no more than 8 to 10 people were allowed into the waiting room at any given time. When a patient was called, they would be ushered to the auto refracting station by Sr. Monika. Peggy who served the morning shift would perform this initial pretest. From there, Sr Monika would perform the visual acuity test, then seat them in the waiting area to see the optometrist. Dr. Kelly would take them in turn and provide a comprehensive eye exam. Upon completion, they would be ushered to the frame room.  There, Richard would help them select an appropriate frame, take all the required measurements, then place the selected frame into the box for shipment to the lab. (NOTE: After lunch each day, they should switch positions so that Peggy worked the frame room and Richard ran the auto refractor.) The patient was sent to checkout with Dawnette, where the records were turned in for filing. This system went very smoothly, no outbreaks of complaints occurred. It was an amazingly smooth operation. The final figures are. 126 exams, 89 glasses prescribed and selected. 25. Readers dispensed. 

       Sr.Telesia, and Sr. Monika, and Fr. Morris were outstanding hosts. We stayed in the residence next to the convent. Jenny cooked our lunches and dinners, while we provided our own breakfast. Clinic hours ran from 9:00 am until 5 :00 PM. It rained every afternoon which did not affect our zeal. The mission concluded on Saturday evening about 7:00 PM. All scheduled patients were seen. On Sunday morning the team was treated to breakfast by the sisters, then went to 11:30 Mass. After Mass, Fr. Morris drove the team to the Holiday Inn for a day and a half of relaxation.

Observations, no more than four individuals are needed for an optical mission. Three is a minimum. The hours of 9 to 5 with a lunch break is perfect.

Respectfully submitted

Paul J Connor

Mission leader

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