We recognize how difficult this economic climate is for our donors and also for the poor in Jamaica. Fortunately, our fixed expenses are minimal because we have no office rent, no buildings, and no paid staff. In spite of the economy, we were able to continue to deliver most of the services needed by our constituents in Jamaica. Our books are open to anyone who wants a more detailed view of our finances. THANK YOU for your faithful support of our mission.

JOP is a Guidestar Silver Participant

JOP financial statement 9-30-18

JOP Form 990 2017-18

JOP financial statement 9-30-17

JOP Form 990 2016-17

JOP financial statement 9-30-16

JOP Form 990 2015-16

JOP financial statement 9-30-15

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JOP  financial statements 9-30-14 and 9-30-13

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