Aug 2016 Optical Mission

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“Excellence In Eye Care and Dermatology”

Jamaica Outreach Program
St. John Evangelist Catholic Church Naples, FL

To All Board Members:

I would like to give you a summary of our latest mission trip to St. Pius from August 11 to August 14, 2016. Four All Saints Eye Center staff members accompanied me and we examined approximately 200 patients. As usual, it was the normal mixture of adolescents, young adults, as well as elderly patients. Numerous cataracts were identified as well as a handful of “special cases” including patients that require strabismus, corneal transplant, and retinal surgery.  Overall, the equipment at Pius has been working adequately. However, one examination room’s equipment is somewhat old. Follow up on patients who have been identified as glaucoma patients and suspects has been disappointing. Very few patients went for testing at a local ophthalmologist’s office. However, there are some patients that do consistently come through the clinic and are seen on regular intervals. These patients are given samples which appear to be their only access to medication. Therefore, I do feel that best way to handle the glaucoma is to simply see patients at the clinic and give them samples. Along that same line, we need to continue to work with the pharmaceutical companies to get as many samples as possible so that patients who are compliant with their follow-ups have a continuous supply of medication.  “Special need” patients such as corneal transplants, advanced glaucoma, and diabetics are receiving care in Naples. The model seems to be working quite well. In most cases, there is good follow up care with, patients returning to the clinic when I am in Kingston or with Dr. McIntosh. I suggest no significant changes in this area and l remain hopeful that we will continue to be able to find donors who are willing to sponsor these patients.  I met with Dr. Maynard McIntosh during my recent trip and visited his office and operating room. It is a brand new facility with state of the art equipment, and I am exploring the possibility of personally doing the cataract surgery at Dr. McIntosh’s facility. Serendipitously, there are some advances to this idea as we both use Alcon equipment and supplies.  As always, it is a pleasure visiting Jamaica.

Sincerely,  Jeffrey L. Zimm, M.D.

P.S. It is hard to believe, but I have been visiting St. Pius for over 12 years!

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