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2018 September

Aug 2018 Seaford Town Dental Mission

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To: Board of Directors and interested parties
From: Roger Plante
Re: August 30 mission to Seaford Town Mission Compound
September 12, 2018
“RAVING REVIEWS” I guess is the best way I can describe this mission.

A team of six dental professionals participated in this three day mission and God’s Speed was definitely with them.   All came away from the mission with LOVE and GRATITUDE as expressed in their comments.

Dr. Jaih Jackson, Tampa, FL (repeat)
Julie Angad, Tampa, FL Dr. Jaih’s assistant
Trina Graham, Tega Cay, S. C., Hygienist, (repeat)
Margaret Conrad, Sautee, GA, Hygienist
Maria Maldonad, Coconut Creek, FL., Hygienist
Destany Scates, Tampa, FL, Hygienist
The Jamaican Ground Crew consisting of Father
Luke, Sister Theresila, Boxer and other
parishioners at Sacred Heart completed the team.

Of worthy mention is the fact that these missionaries in addition to giving of their time, energy and financial resources, organized ahead of time to collect and bring in thousands of dollars worth of goods for the clinic and for the poor and for that Father Luke extends his huge amount of appreciation.

Great innovations at the mission included an additional dental station paid for in memory of Trudy Howell, deceased mother of Dr. Elizabeth Love, two additional Cavitron units donated by these missionaries, air conditioning in the clinic and in the Doctor’s House.

Sister Theresila reported that Dr. Jaih performed 54 extractions and installed 14 fillings and the Hygienists performed 76 complete cleanings and in addition dozens of other patients were seen and treated for various conditions.

Unfortunately the new X-Ray equipment was not performing for the team, but hopefully it will be in better order for the next mission.

Sad to say, but this is my last mission organization with Jamaica Outreach and the future of the mission movement will be highly dependent on someone coming forth to do some organization.

I have enjoyed the last 11 years doing this job and I can say it has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling achievements of my lifetime. I strongly urge anyone who wants to give a little to come forward and participate in any level in this mission movement.   Anyone interested in giving some time and LOVE to contact me.

In the meantime, I am keeping a list of those wanting to participate in future missions and will keep my mailing list going until the next volunteer comes forward.

Here are some of the comments from this fine group of missionaries:

“The entire experience was absolutely amazing”

“The accommodations were much better than expected”

“Father could not do enough for us”

“Boxer is one amazing guy-entertainer-go-for-Helper”

“All in all, I am beyond grateful and honored I got to be a part of this mission and hope to be able to serve in many many more.!”

“Almost all older adults were periodontally involved and our attempt to educate them were a challenge, but we did get through with the idea that continued care is necessary.”

“The Air conditioning in the clinic and the doctor’s house was a great addition.”   “Our team was extremely devoted, we enjoyed our time together, lots of laughter and with a true passion to serve…..working as a tem…I truly want to return.”

“What a blessing to work with such wonderful people and for such amazing patients…Fr. Luke & Sister T made us feel right at home”

“Even when the power went out on Saturday  the team continued working manually as if nothing had happened.”

“And Jenny’s home cooking was wonderful”

Pass the word along that Jamaica Outreach Program is doing God’s work one little one at a time.



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